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“Bam?” or “Bananas and monochromatism” is a game in which you control a littke monkey called "Monkey Monkey" through a diluted world. You must collect bananas from several colors to reveal hidden platforms and progress through the level.

Collect all 9 secret coins for a (subtle) monkey color change :D

Bam? is the first game I made in 2006, as a young Computer Science student.


Left, Right : move

A : jump

Hold B + Direction : activate colored platforms (requires collecting all 3 bananas from this color)

Hold R + Direction : look around


bam-ZeroOneVersion.zip 65 kB

Install instructions

Bam? is available as a Game Boy Advance rom file. You will need a GBA or NDS with a flash cart to play, or an emulator such as Visual Boy Advance or No$GBA.

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